Meet Nicole

Back in 2015, I took a leap of faith that changed everything

I had been on a wild goose chase of what the Lord was calling me to in a career when He suddenly called me to take a major step back. During this time, I started my first blog, Courage Hope Love, and through this, I began a journey of learning how to build a website and optimize it.

The Lord took this blog and grew it beyond what I could have imagined but as I did this, I began to see friends and family stressed by their lack of a website and the absurd cost of getting one done.

Lancaster Website Design

“I want every client I work with to feel that their vision and mission come to life!”

Things I value:

INTEGRITY – being honest and upfront about what your project will entail and keeping you updated the entire time.

RELATIONSHIP – building a working relationship and sometimes even a friendship that helps me to understand your values and mission (and makes it a lot of fun!

QUALITY – creating a quality website or work that lives up to the things that you’ve envisioned.

This began the journey to Nicole Anne Creative Co. I started with my dad’s website and then did a few friends’ sites. From there it spiraled and I’ve worked with multiple business owners and bloggers and I have LOVED turning their vision into a reality!

Websites are so important today and I hated that a good website from the companies around us had such high prices that it kept businesses from getting a website at all.

Knowing the importance of Google optimization, I took an SEO course and learned how to optimize not only my site but every site I create. I love working with other bloggers to help them find a system to streamline their SEO so that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

This business has given me incredible flexibility to stay home with my kids and enjoy being present for their little years. And not only that, but I’ve grown friendships and amazing relationships with the clients I’ve worked with and that has been so much fun.

behind the scenes, I am a wife & mama to 2 littles and one on the way!

I love chasing around my boys and hanging out with my husband in my free time. We love being outside and working in the garden or on little projects.

Meet the fam